Welcome to my web site. I am an economic and monetary historian based in Folkestone, England, but I can be found in different parts of the world, lecturing, consulting and giving workshops (see also financefolkestone.com). Combining formal training with a wide range of experience that embraces both accounting and artistic elements (see Gallery), my work has two goals: to contribute to the metamorphosis of capitalism and to overcome the reputation of economics as a dismal science! 

Main Themes

The main themes of my work entail looking into the subtler aspects of economic and monetary history in order to sense the deeper meaning of current circumstances and where they might be leading. I focus on 6 main project areas that I regard as crucial for our times:

Accounting Reform / Prospects for a World Currency / Youth Financial Literacy / The Role of the Corporation and the Future of Not-for-profits / Financing Education / The Economics of Farming

Other Aspects of my Work

An important (and fun) part of my work is thinking allegorically; imagining what might be, as a means of understanding what is (or seems to be). Under Victor's Blog, I do this to comment on economic affairs viewed from the perspective of an imagined land – Rare Albion – where economic and monetary life is conducted as if the world were a single global affair with one currency (based on accounting, but with many denominations) and where economic governance is autonomous yet mindful of political considerations.

An online commemoration of the lost generation of World War 1 (and all wars since)

I am researching a thesis that explores John Maynard Keynes's sense that the step should not have been been a transfer of hegemony from Britain to the United States, but the creation of a worldwide global economic commonwealth or partnership of all countries. Though against the grain of current political realities, this idea makes sense of many of the deeper aspects of Keynes's work, as also of today's underlying events.